Volunteers are vital to Southwest Motorsports and its events.  It takes a minimum of approximately 30-35 volunteers to run a typical race weekend.

Flagging is a really fun way to see the racing action up close and personal, from a unique vantage point.  If you’re into photography, you can get some really great images this way.

Do you realize it takes up to 30-35 minimum volunteers to help support a regular SWMS race weekend. These positions cover Flag and Comm, out on the corner stations flagging during all race sessions, best seat in the house; Pit and Grid organizing the cars for their out-lap and during the race unusual situations requiring attention; Head Communicator, from the tower covering all aspects
of communication for the event with Stewards and Flag and Comm. Also we have Tech where before the races the tech inspectors ensure each and every car meets the safety requirements of their track session, be it race or lapping. Let alone, there is Registration, a very big (huge!) job ensuring everyone is paid and gets their credentials for the weekend. Volunteers, you have to visit Registration for your lunch ticket/diner ticket and volunteer Worker Bucks and last but not least Volunteer Awards! Total power! Think about Timing and Scoring (T/S). Did you ever wonder how we can keep track of the leaders with a 30 car field? We have a computer system that keeps track of each car with a transponder. (Computers are great but still need “human” intervention so please help watch a computer and a great race) Then T/S ensures Pit and Grid knows the grid layout for the races.
Consider being a Steward having control over rule enforcement as the race progresses, and as the race progresses support the Head Communicator with track assignments for safety, ambulance and corner safety. How about that Announcer “dude”. Someone has to ensure all race groups get adequate time to report to their grid. Someone need to ensure the sponsors are talked about. Someone needs to ensure that everyone in the PADDOCK is grinning! Lastly, consider being a Race Chair. WOW what a job. All the authority/responsibility for a race weekend WHOA it isn’t that difficult? What are REWARDS? The REWARD is 2 race sessions paid on the track. Everyone should jump at this opportunity! Work with the great SWMS volunteers to develop a “theme” race weekend with the sponsors to ensure a good time for everyone. Work with a delegated crew to ensure dinner is on time and beers are cold. NO PRESSURE. Smile: you have a great group of SWMS volunteers to ensure everyone is appointed to their tasks. Please consider that to have Vintage Racing in Albuquerque we need to have a lot of race volunteers and OH by the way we need the RACERS. Volunteers want to watch quality racing, SO DRIVERS….! Volunteers let me know what you can do to help support the best Vintage Racing in NM.