The primary objective of Southwest Motorsport, Inc. (SWMS) is to promote the preservation of our cars in a racing format which emphasizes driver safety and etiquette. Our club strives to provide an opportunity for friendly wheel to wheel competition, with vehicles prepared faithfully to their era. All racing is dangerous, and only the proper attitude of the driver, and the careful preparation of cars will diminish the danger and enhance our appreciation of this sport.

SWMS, like other race organizations, has a rigorous licensing process. For the safety of all of its members, all SWMS drivers must have a current SWMS Competition License, student logbook or VMC license in order to participate in our race events. A current medical form must be on file with the club. The Chief Driving Instructor is responsible for conducting SWMS Driver’s Schools and ‘signing off’ on full completion for a SWMS license.

To obtain a competition license, a driver must submit an application to the Licensing Registrar and complete all the necessary requirements. These requirements are that a new driver must successfully complete a SWMS or other approved school, and participate in at least two additional weekend events under the supervision and observation of an assigned driving instructor. The successful completion of an approved driving school may serve as a substitute for our school, but observation is still required. Driver’s school is required for previously licensed drivers who have not driven in the last 24 months.

Details and additional information can be found in the SWMS Rules & Regulations.  Additional questions can be directed to the appropriate contact.