Upcoming Event Information

August 24-August 25
Fast Heat II
Sandia Speedway


Includes a full weekend schedule for all classes including Contemporary, Vintage, Spec Miata, Open Wheel, High Performance Driving, Competition Driving, Karts, and Lunch Lapping.

The High Performance Driving School will also be held. Note that the attached schedule may be compressed depending on training participation or if classes are combined. The track will be open from 3-6pm on Friday for those who would like to register and get their cars technical inspection done early. As has been the practice this year, if a racer and car have had an annual inspection, and no major changes since, SWMS will again perform only a document review in lieu of a full technical inspection at the track. The drivers meeting on Saturday will be held at 0830, any changes to the attached schedule will be announced there.

The 2019 season is already half over! The points results are posted on the website and the current class leaders are-

Contemporary: Larry Pittsley (45), Zane Meyers (40), Andrew Sanford (30)
Spec Miata: Jerry Stoughton (53), Jim Guthrie (40), Jim Colbert and Dub Girand (36)
Vintage: Earl Whittemore (35), Gordon Self (33), Ross Kells (29)
Open Wheel: Ken Adams (18), Larry Haynes (17), Tom Linton (10)
Karts: Shifter; Steve Pruitt (20), Tyson West and Gabriel Cahan (8), Evan Knudsen and Eban Cahan (7); TAG; Garth Schneider (10)

Wow-some tight classes out there!

The weather, as always, is looking great, with July and August behind us we should get some cooler temps…I’m sure that the cool shirt, sunscreen, and sun shade will come in handy though! The SWMS season has been a good one and based on your input at the June event we have added ANOTHER race weekend. SWMS has set up November 2 and 3 down at Arroyo Seco, we had a great time down there in March, so take care of your car (and tires!).

For Fast Heat II the event chair has set up a self serve T-shirt available at-

Please register for Fast Heat II early with Marci.

Workers that are planning to attend, please coordinate with Tom. Just so folks know, the weekend package for track workers includes-cold drinks at the stations and lunches provided, no charge lunch time rides, Saturday Pizza, a $25, 50, 75 drawing for the two day workers (hey there aren’t many, so the odds are really good to win one) and the best seat in the house for the action, no kidding!

The event chair Scott Claunch and SWMS are providing Pizza for Saturday after what looks to be a really full day of track activities! They request that folks bring a salad or dessert.

Racing and Pizza!! Wear your new t-shirt and grab some points!! See you at Sandia August 23-25!


2019 Schedule

March 23-24 ARROYO SECO





September 28-29 SANDIA SPEEDWAY