Meeting Minutes July 2017

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July 25, 2017

The meeting was called to order by President Larry Pittsley at 6:30 at Mario’s on July 25th.

Attendees: Larry Pittsley, Bill and Janice Swope, Rich Dunn, Scott Claunch, Katie Wacek, Ken and Vi Adams, Marci Luders, Tom Wolicki, Daniel Diamond, Megan Tribble, Dennis and Georgeanne Wall, John Slenes, Bob Richards, Robert Noyes-Smith, Gil Merriman, Gary Sanford and Jerry Stoughton.

The minutes from the last meeting were reviewed and approved.

The treasurer’s report was given and we have $7100.00 in the bank. The last event was in the red. We need an additional 5-7 addition cars to start showing the kind of profit that we need to keep the club at a sustainable level.

Old Business:

June event: Procedures Committee Report by Bob Richards
Bob Richards summarized progress to date by the team working on establishing consistent process documents for club activities. A plan of major actions has been prepared, which, in brief form is:

• Identify all the club activities that should be documented
• Prioritize those activities
• Identify what we already have in some form
• Develop generic formats for both sequential “processes” and non-sequential “functions”.
• Applying our priorities, work on developing the new activity documents and improving the existing documents.

The team has worked on the first three of those actions. Gary Sanford made a major contribution by organizing many of the existing documents into categories based on the sections of one of the draft documents call “SouthWest MotorSport Responsibilities and protocols”. However, the team is not sure that they have identified all currently existing documents, so asked any club members who have anything like procedures, checklists, or flow charts that may not be widely available to share with the team. The team will continue refining the results of the first three parts of the plan and proceed on the fourth action. Additionally, based on other discussions during the meeting, the team will not work on refining the rules and regulations for driver and car equipment, nor on marketing and sponsorship processes, as those will be handled by other teams. The club really appreciates all of the hard work that the procedures committee has already put in and the future hard work.

Committees will be set up to work on improving our club marketing and to update our rules and regulations.
Some discussion happened regarding marketing to the schools, auto shop teachers. Also, conversation regarding doing a mass mailing to all of our old student drivers to gauge their interest in coming back out.

New Business:

“Adios to August” is the next race event. It will be held on August 26-27. Make sure to get all of our cars out to run this event. Let’s make it a big event.

Our next Board of Director and General membership meeting will be August 22nd at Mario’s on 4th street.

The meeting was adjourned.