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Winter Road Racing, Lapping and Karting

For some years many of the club’s Spec Miata racers have used our home track, Sandia Motor Speedway for a Winter Series. This winter, they are inviting all types of car racers, karters, and lappers. The next event is Sunday, December 10th at 9AM (one day event). Although, this event may likely have a lot of SWMS member participants, it is not a SWMS event. You’ll need to talk to Mike Travers concerning the details ( The event cost will be something close to what the SWMS fee would be for a day. There is one event per month, November 2017 through March 2018, and they are on our calendar, on this website. Drivers meeting starts at 9AM. Even though this is real racing, it’s a little bit more of a laid back, off season atmosphere.