September 28-29, 2019
Deutschemarque #19
Sandia Speedway

Hello SWMS members, racers, track workers and students! We are looking for an incredible turnout for our year-end race at Sandia Motorspeedway. It’s the 19th annual Carcrafters – Deutschemarque race. We are going to have a blast!!! The race is Saturday (Sept 28) and Sunday (Sept 29). The weather is going to be great, as temperatures continue to moderate. We fully expect the racing to be HOT!!! We will have a full field of cars including the featured German brands, Porsche, BMW, and Audi. First car on track at 9:00 both days. There will be a $25 discount this race for military veterans. The discount is applied for the full weekend cost. If you’re paying for a single day, the discount is 10%. Just tell Marci about your service to the country, and she’ll give you the discount.

This years race has been sponsored by Carcrafters and PMCI. It’s not often that we have two great sponsors to support the club and help put on a great race weekend. There will be a T-shirt commemorating the race with special livery for the German car brands and our sponsor’s businesses. Please purchase a T-shirt when you register with Marci.

The concession stand will be open for lunch both days. So come enjoy a cheese burger or Frito pie for lunch. Be sure toy stick around Saturday evening for brats and all the trimmings for a good ol’ fashion German dinner. The race chair, Jerry Stoughton, wants to thank Highway Supply for their generous donation for the food on Saturday. Thanks Dub and Dan!!! Other pot luck items to round out the dinner are always welcome and appreciated (Like Diane’s yummy brownies).

Additionally, there will be a memorial at the track for Charlie Daniels on Sunday. Charlie passed a few weeks ago, and his racing friends want to pay tribute to a gifted racer and great human being. The details are being worked, and we hope everyone can partake in the celebration of his life. Stay tuned for more details.

June 4, 2019

But first…The club collected $120 in donations going toward a rebuilt carb for the track
workers truck.  Thank you club members!

Over 30 race cars were registered this weekend, 22 participated in the
combined classes Sandia Super Cup Race.  There were 60 spectators in the grandstand for the Super Cup Race(somebody counted)!

“Its a LOT harder to handicap a road race than I thought!”

“The fact that SWMS could run a race like this goes to show the skill and quality of the members/drivers in the club” 
“Made it home to Denver late last night……. Had a great weekend racing with the club and I’ll definitely be back.  I’ll try to bring a few Colorado racers with me next time. I want to thank you and everyone else in the Club for making me feel welcome and helping learn to navigate that challenging Sandia track. I’m shooting to return in the fall to race. Take care and thanks again for the warm welcome.”

The winners of the class races within the Sandia Super Cup were:  

Contemporary-Robert Ewers (Porsche 911)
Spec Miata-Jim Guthrie
Vintage-Gordon Self (Alfa Romero)

Combined classes Sandia Super Cup handicapped scoring results: (time was added to a drivers overall time based on Saturdays best race times in an attempt to even the field, start order based on handicap)
1.  #33-Scott Claunch  27:47 Trophy winner!!
2.  #45-Mike Kowalski 28:29 
3.  #65-Dub Girand  28:47
4.  #27-Larry Haynes  28:53
5.  #4-Leo Craig 28:58
6.  Tie  #15-John Colbert, #193-Mikey Stephens 28:59
8.  Tie #347-Robert Ewers, #177-Larry Pittsley, #21x-Jerry Stoughton  29:00
11.  #27-Jim Guthrie  29:06
12.  #22-Steve Marino  29:21
13.  #21-Gary Sanford 29:24
14.  #837-Ross Kells  29:34
15.  #41-Woody Ellenwood  29:48
16.  #44-Karen Menne-Jacobsen 30:16
17.  #20-Earl Whittermore  30:23 (penalty)
18.  #7-Andrew Sanford 30:27 (car issue) 
19.  #76-Zane Meyers 30:48 (penalty)

DNF #141 Mike Shaffron 14 laps (start issue)
DNF #311 Dan Girand 8 laps (car issue)
DNF #27 Jake Jacobsen14 laps (penalty)


Attention Southwest Motorsport racers, track workers and students!
The next SWMS Sandia race track weekend is approaching!  The Sandia Super Cup will be held May 31-June 2 and include a full weekend schedule for all classes including Contemporary, Vintage, Spec Miata, Open Wheel, High Performance Driving, Karts, and Lunch Lapping.  The High Performance Driving School will also be held.
The track will be open from 3-6pm on Friday for those who would like to register and get their cars technical inspection done early.  If a racer and car have had an annual inspection this year, and no major changes since, SWMS will again perform only a document review in lieu of a full technical inspection at the track. The drivers meeting on Saturday will be held at 0830.  Time to get yourself and your equipment ready!
The weather is looking great, mid 80’s and sunny…might be time to get that cool shirt, sunscreen, and sun shade out!  In addition to the regular race groups the schedule will include the first ever Sandia Super Cup on Sunday!   The Sandia Super Cup is currently planned to be a combined classes time handicapped race so that EVERYONE racing has a chance to win.  A trophy will be awarded.
Please register early with Marci.  We need to know how many racers we’ll have for the event, this helps Marci to have your driver packets ready for a smooth start on Saturday. The last race weekend had 34 entrants!  Marci needs your help to get ready for what is shaping up to be a busy weekend.  
Workers that are planning to attend, please coordinate with Tom.  SWMS is throwing in a FREE t-shirt or polo for all track workers for this event!  Just so folks know the weekend package for track workers includes-cold drinks at the stations and lunches provided, no charge lunch time rides, Saturday BBQ, a $25, 50, 75 drawing for the two day workers (hey there aren’t many so the odds are really good to win one) and the best seat in the house for the action, no kidding!
The event chairs Gary and Andrew Sanford are providing BBQ for Saturday after what looks to be a really full day of track activities!  They request that folks bring a salad or desert. 
Racing, BBQ AND a shot at the first ever, one of a kind, Sandia Super Cup trophy…REALLY can’t miss that!!  See you at Sandia May 31-June 2!

Competition Driving

Southwest Motorsport held its second track session of the year April 13/14 at Sandia racetrack. Several racers and high performance drivers took advantage of the High Performance Driving School and then followed up with a first for SWMS. SWMS has developed a new program “Competition Driving”.

The chief instructors John Slenes and Steve Marino with a cadre of other experienced instructors (there were 7 different cars and drivers in the classes) conducted the High Performance Driving School on Saturday and followed up on Sunday with the new program of Competition Driving instruction.

The High Performance Driving School acquaints drivers under instruction with the basics; learning the track lines and their car, driving safety and dynamics, and prepares drivers to be in the High Performance Driving group. The High Performance Drivers group includes cars from normal street cars to race cars using a tightly controlled set of rules intended to create safe conditions for the car and driver, ie only passing when waved by on a straight.

The Competition Driving classes however are intended to acquaint a driver, and in this case a race prepared car, with the situations the driver will experience in a competitive racing situation. These include practicing starts, close quarters driving and passing in a group. For this training 8 cars were simultaneously on the track and repeating the exercises. The end result of the training and then subsequent observed participation in races as a novice is intended to result in the issuance of a “Competition Driving License” for the driver.

With these classes SWMS is working to help more folks get involved in sports car racing in the safest and most fun way at whatever level they desire and in the widest variety of cars possible. If this interests YOU-just let us know at one of the numbers on the contact page!


SWMS Holds Annual Pre-Tech

On Saturday March 9 Southwest Motorsport held the annual pre tech for this seasons cars.  The car and driver safety equipment inspections were held at Enerpulse in Albuquerque.  The inspections include the major safety items such as helmets, fire suits, roll cages, fuel systems, and many other critical components for the drivers and cars.  Southwest Motorsports prime focus on safety equipment helps to insure that the club events will be as safe as possible.  Last years President Larry Pittsley brought out burgers and dogs for all who attended.  In addition to getting a check of our cars and equipment the get together was a great opportunity to see what racers have been up to with their cars during the off season!   

Southwest Motorsport has 2018 Year End Celebration

Southwest Motorsport had the 2018 racing year end celebration January 19, 2019 at Mario’s. The event was VERY well attended, about 50 club members from all the racing groups were present. Larry Pittsley the club President was the master of ceremonies. Larry recapped the highly successful 2018 racing year. Over 50 different drivers were present at the 5 weekend events put on by Southwest Motorsport. The weekend events included one at the Arroyo Seco track near Demming, and four at the Southwest Motorsport home track Sandia Raceway in Albuquerque. The year also included a Technical Inspection and Worker and Instructor Training day at Enerpulse (Burgers and Dogs included), a Drive Out to Los Alamos and the Jemez Mountains, and the annual Chili Cook off at Performance Motorcar Investments in Corrales. All in all it was a busy, and safe, year for Southwest Motorsport!

The celebration included the handing out of trophies to the Kart, Open Wheel, Spec Miata, Vintage, and Contemporary class winners.  The winners are shown in the “results” section of this website under 2018.  That said the overall class winners were Gil Merriman Shifter Karts, Garth Schneider Tag Karts, Ken Adams Open Wheel, Jerry Stoughton Spec Miata, Gordon Self in his Alfa for Vintage, and a very surprised Zane Meyers in his Mini for Contemporary.

Each year the club President hands out a special award for Volunteer of Year.  For 2018 the award was given to Megan Tribble.  Larry explained that Megan is the Southwest Motorsport starter, but for all the racers she is well known-the lady with the green flag!  And then the checkered!   Thank you Megan!

One of the highlights of the evening was Larry giving out the club Award of Merit.  This award is not given each year and is at the discretion of the club President.  As an acknowledgement of his great contribution to Southwest Motorsport the award was given for 2018 to Bob Richards.  Bob has been instrumental in not only the conduct of races as Race Steward but as the Chairman of the Procedures and Protocols committee and I’m sure other roles not mentioned.  Thank you Bob!

Larry then handed to celebration to the incoming 2019 club officers introducing President Gary Sanford, Vice President Steve Marino, Treasurer Jerry Stoughton, Secretary Zane Meyers, and the At Large Board Members Bob Richards, John Colbert and Scott Claunch.  Gary summarized the club plan for 2019, including races at Arroyo Seco, and five at Sandia Raceway (race dates posted in the “about us” section of this website).

With that a wonderful dinner was had at Mario’s with lots of lively conversation getting ready for a great 2019 racing year!  A special thanks to Viola Adams for organizing and contributing to the Southwest Motorsport celebration!

Drive Out Tour

On Saturday July 28 Southwest Motorsport organized a drive out tour for club members.  The drive out started with a drivers meeting at cars-n-coffee in Albuquerque, ran up I25 to Los Alamos for lunch, back down through Jemez Springs ending with a tour at the Unser Museum.  Members joined in Santa Fe and folks from the cars-n-coffee in Los Alamos joined from their event next to the Bradbury Museum.  The group made a stop at the Valle Caldera for a look and a photo.  Many car types were represented including Porsche, Saab, Mustang, Corvair, Crossfire, TR-8, Maserati, Honda, Caterham and whatever that car of Earls is (it sure sounded good)!  Each car voted awards that will be announced at the August track weekend!