Southwest Motorsport, Inc. (SWMS) is a non-profit organization formed in 1999, originally to provide vintage and sports car racing enthusiasts a venue in which to exercise their sport, adding karting to our ranks a few years later. Our home track is Sandia Speedway just outside Albuquerque, New Mexico.

SWMS typically runs four events during the calendar year from the spring through the fall. Our vintage members also support other racing events around the Southwest such as the Rocky Mountain Vintage Racing events at High Plains and Pueblo Raceways in Colorado and the Corinthian Vintage Racing events in Texas and Oklahoma. Many of our contemporary racers participate in SCCA, PCA, and NASA races around the country as well.

Besides our regular vintage and contemporary racing groups, our weekend events include a High Performance Driving School and a lapping group for those enthusiasts who want to run their high-performance vehicles in a controlled environment but are not yet prepared to become full-fledged racers.

Southwest Motosport’s racing groups are run by “gentleman’s” rule, meaning that we do not encourage, nor condone contact, blocking or otherwise “offensive” driving tactics. We are people who enjoy good clean racing, and realize that many our vintage cars are valuable, and that many of our member’s budgets are finite. We are about good, clean racing, camaraderie and friendship. Our events are as much social as they are competitive.

If you have an interest in recreational racing, running your car in a controlled environment, or tuning up your driving abilities and you want to share your experiences with a great group of like-minded people, come join us!